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Lindsay Kosan

Unbeatable Social Events

June 22, 2012 9:46 AM | Permalink | Print

I’m just going to say it: the life of a WilmerHale summer associate is pretty ideal. Just yesterday, a partner told me that he still remembers his summer as being the best one of his entire life, and I can absolutely see why. The work assignments are substantively rich, the training programs are meaningful and varied, and each week is jam-packed with incredible lunches (Neptune Oyster lobster rolls, anyone?) and exciting evening events that keep one-upping each other.

Week two set the bar quite high, as us summer associates were given an opportunity to channel our inner "Top Chefs” and sharpen our culinary skills at the Action Kitchen of the Seaport Hotel in Boston. Ladies and gentlemen, this was truly an event for the ages. The 34 of us, our summer program chairs, and members of the Legal Recruitment team got to work making gourmet salads, specialty pizzas and pad thai. My officemate and I went slightly wild, placing an optimistically high number of toppings on thin squares of pizza dough, naming each signature creation after one of our fellow summer associates. As we looked around the kitchen, it was impossible not to notice the large groups of people chatting and laughing, and, at that moment, I came to realize and appreciate just how genuinely comfortable and happy I felt mingling with my new peers.

Another early highlight of the summer occurred during week three, when each summer associate was invited to a dinner party at the Boston home of one of four WilmerHale partners. Along with eight of my co-summers, I had the privilege of attending a dinner at the home of Partner John Sigel, chair of the firm's Bankruptcy and Financial Restructuring Group. While we are fortunate enough to eat delicious meals with attorneys each week, this event was truly special in that it afforded us students a chance to not only take a break from our IKEA-inspired apartments, but more importantly to interact with a number of attorneys in a relaxed and more intimate setting. The conversations I had at this event were some of my favorites of the summer thus far, as attorneys reflected on their time at the firm, enthusiastically discussed the upcoming annual office outing and truly got to know the summers and learn about our diverse backgrounds. Importantly, I observed a palpable sense of collegiality and mutual respect emanating from this community of seasoned lawyers.

Finally, what would a summer in Boston be without baseball? Recently, three other summer associates and I took advantage of WilmerHale’s generous invitation to attend a Red Sox game in the firm’s Pavilion seats. The excellent view of home plate, bottomless cups of popcorn, and a Sox win all made the night especially memorable. Our thirst for competitive sports continued last week as the summer associates helped kick off the 2012 WilmerHale summer softball league, providing the renowned veteran associate squad with some thrilling competition.

Next up: Cirque du Soleil!