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Taylor Gooch


June 29, 2012 10:09 AM | Permalink | Print

Well, I guess it is a theme now, again I am going to relate back to my initial post and discuss whether or not my incoming assumptions have panned out. This time I want to take a moment and talk about the people here. Let me start out by saying they are awesome. Everyone here is amazing to work with, from the other summers all the way up to the partners.

First, let’s address the summer class. To say that we get along here in Palo Alto does not even start to properly characterize our class. I think it is safe to say that in the past six weeks we have become solid friends. We not only go to the firm sponsored social events (and there are many, ranging from classic cooking lessons at a winery to a sailing trip around the bay), but we get together on our own outside of work. This leads to a wonderful work environment. Just the other day, I was inundated with work and another summer stepped up and was willing to do a little extra on part of our joint U-Visa application. I personally look forward to returning the favor.

Now as for the relationships that are starting to form between us and the other lawyers, it is not so much that relationships are forming, as it is that we were simply added to the family. Associates’ and partners’ doors are always open and they are always willing to field a question. For instance, about a week ago, a partner and I had a long conversation regarding the best outdoor running trails in the Palo Alto region, and mind you that this was without an appointment. I just happened by his office and he invited me in. On the other hand, when I have gotten stuck on an assignment or wanted to get feedback regarding an assignment, it is a matter of simply finding an associate that has the appropriate background, wandering over to their office, and asking if they are free. On every single occasion the associate has dropped what he or she was working on and not only helped, but then took the time to ask how things were going.

And finally, this assumption that we are one team goes beyond the Palo Alto office. I remember a project I was working on previously involved an issue in which the expert was a senior associate out in the New York office. I shot him an email asking if he had a few minutes to chat, and within 30 seconds my phone was ringing and we were off and rolling. The simple fact that I was able to get in touch with a senior associate at another office, and that my summer project was important enough to get an instant call, well it confirmed everything that I thought about WilmerHale coming in.

Okay, so this next line is a little cheesy. If you haven’t figured it out by now while reading my posts, my posts are a little reminiscent of Virginia Wolf (though by no means do I mean to imply that I am in any way close to her level of writing), but they are a little stream of consciousness. Anyway, I feel that us summers have not simply been added to the firm, but adopted by the firm. We, or at least I, know that the lawyers around us care about deeply about our success.