Associate Life

Fennie Wang

Summer Associate or Summer Partner?

June 15, 2012 11:31 AM | Permalink | Print

A summer associate is a misnomer. As one partner put it, we're more like summer partners. We dress in suits when everyone else is in business casual. We go to a lot of lunches. We attend after-work social and charity events. We get to know and work with many interesting people. And everyone is really nice to us.

Apart from the wonderful treatment, we received our first couple of assignments the first week. I've been working on some bankruptcy litigation matters, which requires me to dig into legislative history and formulate an argument for why our judge should adopt a certain reading of the law. I also have the opportunity to work on some high profile securities investigations. The nature of this work is very different than my litigation matters, which require more focus on the law. In investigations, understanding and telling a story about the facts is crucial.

One of the biggest challenges so far is to balance our workload with our social and networking activities. But I can't complain. Being a summer partner is great.