Associate Life

Lindsay Kosan

The Interview Process

June 15, 2012 11:34 AM | Permalink | Print

The law firm interview process is definitely a somewhat daunting experience. For starters, it can be challenging from a student’s perspective to figure out very important and subtle differences between firms. Additionally, I remember reading my WilmerHale on-campus interviewer’s biography prior to my interview and deciding that he was no doubt the most accomplished individual I had ever met (you guessed it, that’s when my nerves really kicked in). But I was delighted to find that even though my interviewer was clearly brilliant, he was also incredibly approachable and personable. Our conversation was absolutely one of my favorites from the interview week—both intellectually rich and uniquely relaxed.

I could not believe my good fortune when I came back to WilmerHale for my callback interview, as everyone I met throughout the day was equally warm and tremendously down-to-earth. Each thought-provoking discussion was truly a conversation in which my interviewers wanted to get to know me but also encouraged my countless questions. After spending half a day at the firm, my favorable impression of WilmerHale grew to the point where I instinctively knew it was the right choice for me.

My first week as a summer associate only reaffirmed my decision. It was a bit of a whirlwind. The first two days consisted entirely of trainings (there were so many basic things to learn: a new email system, timekeeping, resources at the firm, etc…), but it was great to have an opportunity to get acclimated before receiving assignments. Mid-week, when our first assignments did arrive, all of us summer associates were off and running. Having expressed a desire to work in both the Corporate and Litigation Departments this summer, I was delighted to see that I had been given initial assignments in each. My corporate assignment had the most pressing deadline, so I met with that assigning attorney first. She was extremely kind and did a thorough job of describing the case’s complex background, despite the fact that I had never been exposed to transactional work before.

Our first week was also rounded out by a number of other wonderful events, each encouraging the summer associates to get to know one another and WilmerHale lawyers in more informal settings. We each went to lunch with our associate mentors (individuals who serve as generous and candid resources, never being asked to evaluate us), engaged in a friendly scavenger hunt competition in the office (I’m proud to report that my team had a strong showing, placing second overall), and went to a reception at a local restaurant with many of the firm’s lawyers—ranging from partners to first-year associates. All in all, it was an excellent introduction to the firm!