Associate Life

Sonia Fleury

An Exceptional Place

June 15, 2012 11:32 AM | Permalink | Print

It’s not always possible to describe four-hour interviews as truly enjoyable, but my callbacks with WilmerHale certainly were—and since arriving in the Los Angeles office, I can see why. Lawyers and law students love to tell stories about the friend of a friend who works every weekend, never makes it home before 1 a.m., can’t remember why she ever went to law school, and rues the day she decided to work in Big Law. I’ve never heard a story like that about a WilmerHale attorney. The people here seem genuinely happy. They respect each other, help each other, and take pride in the work that they do.

That’s because it’s interesting work. Since arriving at the firm, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate on two commercial litigation cases, and a Foreign Corrupt Practices Act investigation. My colleagues are never too busy to answer questions, and all of them—partners included—have gone out of their way to make sure that the summer associates are well fed and feel welcomed.

There are few better places for that than Los Angeles, with its sunny plazas, white sand beaches, and delicious California cooking. But one thing that sets WilmerHale apart is how interconnected its offices are. You can be in Los Angeles, but feel like you’re sitting in a conference room with your colleagues in Boston, Palo Alto, New York, or DC. The attorneys are from Massachusetts, Montreal, New York, and California; they speak French, Spanish, and Chinese; they’ve been consultants, Assistant United States Attorneys, state prosecutors, and SEC directors. It’s going to be an exciting summer!