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Robert Cobbs

Why I Chose WilmerHale

June 11, 2012 2:43 PM | Permalink | Print

Walking down 18th Street to my callback interview in September, I started to get a sense of déjà vu. I recognized that hot dog stand. Sure enough, I rounded the corner and walked through the doors of my father’s old office building, where I’d done off-and-on secretarial work throughout junior high school. Granted, back then my dad was running a small solo practice out of an office he leased from the Washington Bar Association, and WilmerHale has since replaced the ’70s-style lobby with a sleek, multi-story water feature, but walking into my interview still felt a bit like coming home.

That sense of homecoming extends beyond the building. I worked on Capitol Hill for four years after undergrad, and in law school I still haven’t shaken the government bug. I’ve split most of my time in school between election law and administrative law. It only seems natural that I’d come to WilmerHale this summer. The lawyers here understand government—how it works, who works it, and why it’s important—and that understanding dominates the feel of the DC office. Most legal work in this city rotates around the government—whether it’s securities litigation, government contracting, congressional investigations, or even patent law—and the lawyers at WilmerHale seem to know this work better than anybody else.

So when I got the call offering me a summer associate position, I didn’t have a very difficult choice to make. I talked to a few friends who had worked here, and heard nothing but great things. I mentioned my options to some old coworkers, who all advised me to take the job. But they were telling me what I already knew.