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Andrew Stauber

Parting Words

November 15, 2012 12:17 PM | Permalink | Print

I’ve enjoyed sharing my perspective as a junior associate at WilmerHale over the past several weeks. In my blogging swansong, I would like to reflect upon one of my favorite experiences from my first year as a WilmerHale attorney.

In January of this year, I joined a case team for a fascinating matter on a “rocket-docket” of sorts. By April, our case team was in New York City having our dispute heard by a commissioner of a major sports league. The winter was a very busy time as I tried my best to balance all of my other matters with the demands of this very enjoyable but equally demanding case. Joining a large law firm like WilmerHale, I had expected to have busy times like these. I didn’t anticipate, however, the amazing support that I received from everyone in my department, from our practice manager to the legal secretaries to all of the counsel and partners in our group.

My practice manager, Shea, checked in at numerous times throughout the winter (as she always does), not only to make sure that I was surviving, but to also make sure that I was thriving. On numerous occasions throughout our case team’s busy preparation for our hearing, Stephanie and Ariella (both counsel in the Labor & Employment Practice Group) volunteered to help out with unrelated assignments while I was focusing on a deadline in our sports-related matter. One time, Ariella even volunteered to deliver a sexual harassment training I was originally scheduled to give…in Washington DC (thank you, Ariella!). As a junior associate, I had always expected to play the role of supporting senior attorneys to make their lives easier—I had never considered that these seasoned veterans would be willing to do the same for me, someone who they had just started working with several months prior.

Aside from the intriguing subject matter of this case, the support I received while working on this sports matter reassured me that I had picked a great place to work. I genuinely feel as though the people I work with on a daily basis are committed not only to our clients’ causes, but also to each other’s success. I am excited to come to work not just to field legal research projects and counsel clients on legal risks, but also to serve as a resource for the wonderful people around me. Whether it’s WilmerHale or elsewhere, I hope that any law firm candidate out there finds the same sense of excitement and belonging that I have found while working at WilmerHale.