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Aaron Thompson

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October 18, 2012 5:12 PM | Permalink | Print

In my law firm search, it was important for me to have the ability to try a variety of different practice areas. The attorneys in the Los Angeles office tend to split between a securities enforcement and litigation practice and a patent litigation practice. So when I interviewed at WilmerHale, I made sure I would be able to try both.

WilmerHale utilizes a practice management system. This person is responsible for helping associates find work in their areas of interest. The system works well because the practice managers are able to understand the needs of the firm and the needs of the associates. By working with associates, the practice managers are able to make sure you get the work you want.

The system has worked great for me. I found that as soon as I arrived, I met with my practice manager. She asked me about the type of work I wanted to experience. Soon, I found myself staffed on cases that reflected my desires.