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Aaron Thompson

WIlmerHale in Sunny LA

August 30, 2012 4:38 PM | Permalink | Print

Hello, and welcome to my WilmerHale blog! WilmerHale established these blogs to provide some casual insight into the life of a WilmerHale associate. Of course, we want to recruit the best talent, but we also want to recruit those who truly want to be a part of a great law firm. I hope I can give anyone considering a move to WilmerHale some degree of assistance in making that decision.

I joined WilmerHale a relatively short time ago. After graduating law school from Georgetown University Law Center in 2010, I worked for a short period at a law firm in Orange County—my home town. Following that, I was a law clerk in the Central District of California. I started at WilmerHale a few months ago in April 2012.

My clerkship played a pivotal role in shaping what I wanted out of a law firm. While clerking, I saw many different litigators practice before the Court. I was able to observe a wide variety of high-stakes patent and securities litigation. And, in seeing those many litigators fight it out in those high-stakes cases, I was able to observe different litigation strategies. WilmerHale practiced law the way I wanted to practice law—fight the important fights, the right way, in a respectful manner.

I’m glad to be here and excited about the future. In the time I’ve been here, I’ve met some amazing people and had equally amazing experiences. I look forward to sharing them.