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Aaron Thompson

Life in Downtown LA

September 21, 2012 9:24 AM | Permalink | Print

My wife and I live in downtown Los Angeles. For some folks, this may be a bit confusing. You might think to yourself, “Huh? I didn’t realize you could live in downtown LA.” For years, downtown has maintained an image as an unlivable section of LA.

But now, downtown Los Angeles is in the middle of a food and housing renaissance. I can count nearly half a dozen great new restaurants that have opened since I began working at WilmerHale. I know of another half dozen that will open in the next few months. A few blocks away from the office is the new Los Angeles Grand Park that opened in July. This park sports an impressive water fountain, a Starbucks and some modern hot pink benches. On the other side of the neighborhood, on Spring Street, the city is in the process of building a new mini-parklet to serve the needs of the booming old bank district.

Living downtown presents some new lifestyle opportunities that were not previously available. For instance, I walk to work every day. Indeed, a number of the junior associates enjoy that perk because they also live downtown. Additionally, I spend most of my dinners out at local downtown restaurants. I rarely commute to the ever-popular Westside. Indeed, my wife and I survive with only a single car.

So for those of you urbanites who fear the ’burbs and commute, you can still come to the LA office. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find a new urban lifestyle in Los Angeles.