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The Finale: The Questions Are Answered

July 27, 2012 9:20 AM | Permalink | Print

As this is my last blog post, I thought it only appropriate that I fulfill the promises I made in my very first post and answer the questions that I left standing. Were the things I was looking for in a firm, and the things that I assumed were present at WilmerHale at the beginning of the summer, actually here?

For those that do not remember, in my first blog post, I stated that I was looking for a firm that:

  1. Was not a typical New York style law firm;
  2. Was a place where associates and partners had or could have families and leave work in the evenings to be with them;
  3. Was a friendly office where associates and partners genuinely enjoyed coming to work and working together;
  4. Would allow me to utilize my science background;
  5. Had both a strong litigation and corporate practice groups; and
  6. Where being gay was a non-issue.

So let’s take these in turn…

  1. Not a typical New York law firm: Honestly, I am not sure I can answer this one as I have never worked for a New York law firm; however, I think one big clue might be the fact that, out here in Palo Alto, the office is more casual.
  2. Families and outside life: The simple answer is yes. While the office is certainly busy, with everyone having ample work to do, people do have lives outside of the office. When people finish their work, they go home in time to be with their families or significant others. And if you are wondering specifically whether you can balance children with the obligations that WilmerHale bestows upon its lawyers, lets just say that, in our small office, two babies were born this summer and one summer associate has a newborn of his own that he goes home to every evening.
  3. Friendly office: Well, allow me to cite to my June 29 blog post in which I talk about this extensively. But, the short answer is that I cannot imagine a more friendly office. Also, summer softball anyone?
  4. Science background: This is the only item that I cannot honestly say yes to. I never worked on a biological case. Though, that being said, I believe that this is a result of the constraints surrounding the summer assignments. I know of, and have talked about, many cases that the firm is currently handling that are predominately biological.
  5. Strong litigation and corporate groups: Simply, yes. Nothing more needs to be said. In litigation, we have our hands in the largest cases that are happening in the US, and I see it on a day-to-day basis. I cannot speak directly about the corporate side of things, but from what I hear, there is no shortage of amazing corporate projects.
  6. Being gay: This might be the issue that I am happiest to report back on. Throughout the summer, I never once hid who I was. I never once felt obligated to stand silent as people were talking about their partners. In fact, it was virtually demanded of me that I bring my partner to the firm’s summer BBQ and pool party so that the entire firm could meet him. Being gay at WilmerHale is not an issue.

I think that about sums it up. I have loved my summer here at WilmerHale and hope that it turns into a life-long adventure. I want to take a moment to thank everyone that found and read my blog throughout the summer. I have been recently informed that people are in fact reading my blog, and I feel honored. For those reading, I have fully stuck to my promise at the beginning of the summer: I have been open, honest and candid.

As a final note, I hope that somewhere amongst my ramblings I have been able to answer a couple of your questions. Thanks everyone for reading.