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Lindsay Kosan

Closing Thoughts from 60 State

July 27, 2012 9:25 AM | Permalink | Print

It’s hard to believe that my summer at 60 State Street is winding down, but the end is sadly in sight. For my final post, there are a few elements of my experience that I would love to briefly discuss: the evaluation process, exposure to various practice groups and the Boston office renovations.

The Evaluation Process
All of the summers were eagerly anticipating their mid-summer evaluations, myself included. While I had had informal conversations and received feedback from various attorneys throughout my time at the firm, I had yet to receive a formal review of my work; that came during week six of the program, when each summer was called into a conference room with two of the four summer program co-chairs to discuss his/her progress.

Despite any minor pre-eval jitters, the mood was relaxed from the moment I entered the conference room. The program co-chairs shared with me both formal comments submitted by the attorneys for whom I had completed assignments, as well as their own individual impressions of my performance based on the attorney feedback.

The co-chairs were also genuinely interested in finding out about my overall summer experience, if and how my practice area interests had changed, what types of assignments I wanted for the remainder of the summer, and which things I was enjoying most (and least) about the program. It was an incredibly thorough and personalized review process, and I really appreciated this 360° evaluative approach.

Exposure to Various Practice Groups
One of the best things that came out of the 2004 merger between Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering and Hale and Dorr is that the combination of these two established firms into one allows WilmerHale to provide top-caliber capabilities across a wide spectrum of cutting-edge legal areas. WilmerHale’s current securities law, regulatory and intellectual property practices all highlight this strength.

Although I came into this summer quite certain I was meant to be a litigator, I still wanted exposure to other types of work. Fortunately, over the course of our 10 weeks here, we have had ample opportunities to attend lunches and presentations specifically geared towards informing us about the work of each WilmerHale practice group. These have included meetings with groups such as Bankruptcy & Financial Restructuring, Corporate, Investigations and Criminal Litigation, Real Estate (on a harbor boat cruise no less!), Appellate & Supreme Court Litigation, Private Client and Intellectual Property (complete with a skit performed by an all-lawyer cast demonstrating the evolution of a product from patent prosecution through litigation).

Boston Office Renovations
I couldn’t blog all summer long and not mention the astoundingly beautiful office space in which we have had the privilege of working. The office underwent serious renovations throughout the last year and the results are incredibly impressive. The modern and sleek look of the office—with state of the art office spaces, conference rooms, amenities and Boston Harbor views on every floor—is simply magnificent.

As stated above, this is sadly my last post. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my blog; I’ve so enjoyed putting these posts together throughout the summer. Good luck, and thanks again for reading!