Associate Life

Sonia Fleury

Training at WilmerHale

July 23, 2012 4:48 PM | Permalink | Print

When I began my summer at WilmerHale, I knew that I had a lot to learn, but I didn’t know just how seriously the firm takes the training of its associates. The first week of the program involved a series of sessions aimed at familiarizing us with basic aspects of how the firm operates. More recently, the summer associates have had the opportunity to hear from experts about the arts of negotiating, communicating effectively, and legal writing—and next week we will learn how to take a deposition. The best part about these sessions is their interactive nature. After learning about the elements of an effective negotiation, we paired up and attempted to negotiate a deal on behalf of our respective clients, based on a mock fact pattern. We later watched videos of both associates and partners negotiating the same contract.

A few days later, we worked on our verbal communication skills in a workshop in which we were filmed giving a five-minute presentation on a topic. We then reviewed the video, identified weaknesses in our communication styles, and re-filmed the presentation, paying particular attention to those problems.

In a profession where thinking on your feet and conveying information clearly and effectively is critical, workshops like these are invaluable.