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Robert Cobbs

Negotiating and Deposing

July 27, 2012 9:17 AM | Permalink | Print

As we get toward the end of the summer, we’ve started doing some more in-depth trainings. Last week, I negotiated a last-minute opera-singing contract on behalf of my client, Sally Soprano. And yesterday, I defended a deposition of my client, Georgia Grouper, who was accused of embezzling thousands of dollars from her job as manager at a fast food restaurant.

Of course, both of these clients were fictional, but it felt a little like real lawyering nonetheless. Despite the odd scenarios and alliterative names, I was surprised by how helpful these trainings were. Conducting a negotiation and defending a deposition are very, very different from thinking about those exercises in the abstract.

The deposition training felt particularly different because I was assigned to a three-lawyer team. Rather than individually researching a legal issue and then writing a memo, for this training my fellow summers got together in my office to anticipate the important issues, develop a strategy, and divide up the work. And though it wasn’t the world’s most elegantly defended deposition, I did feel like I learned a lot.

Things are winding down in my office. I’m finishing up assignments, editing writing samples, and going to lots of long-delayed lunches. I’m about to start my last week as a summer associate. And this is, sadly, my last blog entry. (I won’t get to tell you about the Segway tour!) I hope this has been a helpful look into the world of a summer associate in Washington DC. Thanks for reading, and good luck!